Past Glory


Today's middle-aged and elderly who were born and bred in Bandra, still recall times when there were large stretches of green, clusters of villages, bungalows and villas that were surrounded by neat little gardens and large oars fringing the coastline. This was when every front door was always kept open at daytime, as a 'welcome' sign and people knew everybody else in their vicinity. There are over 150 commemorative 'Crosses' that dot the Bandra landscape, many built during the 1896-1906 plague epidemic. Among the oldest is a 17 feet high cross made of a single stone, now relocated in the compound of St. Andrew's Church. This age group can tell you a lot about Bandra - all from fond memories.

The Bandra-Mahim Causeway was completed in 1845, linking the suburbs to the city. (It is not to be confused with the Bandra-Worli Sea Link, a major infrastructural project opened on June 30, 2009 which is designed to ease traffic across the causeway by building another bridge across the Mahim Bay.)

The Bandra Municipal Market or 'Big Bazar' was constructed in 1874 and the Bandra Municipality was founded in 1876.


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