Portuguese Rule (Part 01)

Portuguese rule (Part 01)

In the 'Conquista Spiritual de Oriente' (about 1638) it is mentioned that in the pre-Portuguese period (before 1534) the King gave Bandra to the Captain of South Salsette as it was the largest village in the South Salsette District (Salsette is the island bounded by Thane, Kurla, Bandra and Bhyandar).
Bandra became tributary to the Portuguese in around 1530-32 . Gerson Da Cunha in his "The Origin of Bombay" (1900), gave us an abridgement of an account from 'Lendas da India'. In this account there is a description of how Diogo da Silveira brought Thane, Bandra, Mahim and Bombay under tribute.
In 1534, King Bahadur Shah of Gujarat, ceded Vasai, Salsette and the adjacent areas to the Portuguese. Bandra thus became a Portuguese possession.


On December 23, 1534 while on board the galleon St. Mattheus he signed the Treaty of Bassein. Based on the terms of the agreement, the Portuguese Empire gained control of the city of Bassein (Vasai), as well as its territories, islands, and seas. Bahadur Shah was forced to conclude an alliance with the Portuguese to regain the country, conceding Daman and Diu, Mumbai, and Vasai to the Portuguese. In February, 1537 he was killed by the Portuguese while visiting them on a Portuguese ship anchored off the coast of Gujarat, and his body was dumped into the Arabian Sea.


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