Hamlets - 02


 Besides the above there were the following localities: miscellaneous population - near Povoacao
i)                    Horta do Bazar (Bazar Oart ) - "Faras" - scavengers - near Chinchpokli Road
ii)                   Rua do Bazar - (Bazar Streert) -miscellaneous population
iii)                 Rua dos Tintoreiros (Dyers’ Street)- miscellaneous population ; located most probably near the Bazar
iv)                 Rua Baixa (Lower Street)
v)                   Bazar- mixed population - location at present Bandra Bazar
All the above pakhadis (hamlets), the Povoacao and the four localities comprise the parish of Santa Anna (Old Slaughter-house site - between the railway lines and Swami Vivekanand Road. Also belonging to the parish of Santa Anna are potters, toddy-tappers, weavers, mainatos (washer-men) and other non-Koli groups/castes not ascribed to any particular pakhadi/locality.
To St. Andrew’s parish pertained all the koliwadas (hamlets inhabited by Kolis):
i)                    Colaria Grande - near Chapel Road
ii)                   Colaria de Meio - Bazar area
iii)                 Colaria Mora - near Bandra Bunder
iv)                 Colaria Naopara - Old Ghodbunder Road
v)                  Colaria da Igreja – Chimbai
vi)                 Colaria Zaitucali - north of Mount Carmel church
vii)               Supali - Near Supali Talao ground
viii)              Colai - Near Seaside Cemetery         
N.B. The first six above named koliwadas are mentioned in the baptismal register of Santa Anna because some of the godparents of children/persons baptised in Santa Anna were parishioners of St. Andrew's.


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