Beautiful green spaces in Bandra - 02

Beautiful green spaces in Bandra
Greener spaces are an integral part of urban life that defines the layout of the community. As we have started living in increasingly built up environments, the need for parks is as important in the 21st century as it was in the 19th.
They are the community’s natural life support systems and a well maintained park in an area can increase the real estate value manifold.
If you are looking for safe play spaces for your kids and to escape from the clamour of the city but don’t have to travel far, the green spaces are for you.
Here are five of our favourite places to sit back and relax: the green gems tucked away in the corners of Bandra.
2. Madhu Park, Khar West, Mumbai 400052
What’s it like?
This 2000 green lung is close to the crowded streets but offers you alluring ways to spend some quality time with family and friends. A living room to neighbourhood residents, get immersed in the terraced solitude in the shade of the trees, watching the sparkling fountain and let the kids run off to enjoy the well equipped play area.
The walking trails buzz with people of all age groups and the park is especially crowded during the weekends.
Lovely little place to hang out.
Best for: Community gathering, family get-togethers and recreational activities.
Transport: Easily accessible by car, foot and bus.


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